Intensive workshop May 20 and 21st


Intensive workshop May 20 and 21st


As a photographer that has been in the business full time for 10 years and 5 years in the luxury market, I am ready to spill my secrets. If you’ve been in the business as a photographer for at least a couple of years and feel stuck in your pricing and want to attract clients at a high price point, then this is the workshop for you.

Topics that we will cover

The evolution of Abby Jiu Photography.

  1. What worked and what didn’t and how can set this as a strategy

  2. Showing gallery and show it published and how turned it into looking luxury

  3. When booking the Zimmerman wedding. I knew that they had a bulldog, so I had Lola out to get them to connect on a personal level.

  4. I’m in the neighborhood with cupcakes, do you want to see the sneak peeks.

  5. Spend money to make money

    • Amanda used high end cardstock for paper goods and branding

  1. How to make your clients dress for your brand at their engagement session

    1. You can’t over educate your client

    2. Hiring you for your aesthetic

    3. Don’t be afraid to push

    4. Target clients

  2. 3 of strongest of your own and pick 3 of others that you aspire to be

    1. What is it you like about the ones you picked

    2. What is it you liked about the others you picked

  3. how to communicate with planners for a successful wedding

    1. Take control of timeline

  4. Instagram branding review of each attendee - prework submitted by attendee

    1. Look at them before

  5. Publication - Shira

  6. Shooting florists work - shoot high end details for publications and walk through the process

a way to elevate your brand.




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