• Amory’s Cupcake Birthday Party

    March 20, 2012   //   kids portraits

    cupcake party Sprinkles, cupcakes and four year olds, can it get any cuter?  This was the setting for Amory’s fourth birthday party hosted at her home in DC. And her she is above with her best friend, Thomas, drinking apple sauce shooters before the party.  (Can we say a future couple in the making?)

    To plan this adorable party, Amory’s Mom, the lovely Miss Julianne Smith (also known as the Garter Girl and editor of United With Love), worked with Stephanie of Couture Parties to craft this adorable cupcake party that included edible cupcakes and make your own paper cupcakes.

    cupcake party cupcake party cupcake party cupcake party cupcake party cupcake party

    A garland of cupcake liners and goody bags featuring sparkly cupcake props from Say Cheese Paper Props and gift certificates from Georgetown Cupcakes completed the party.

    cupcake party cupcake party cupcake party

    Julianne Smith Your pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for capturing Amory's party!
  • Baby London

    June 15, 2011   //   kids portraits

    Yoleine What a beautiful little noodle! So animated and the photos are gorgeous! Love it Abby!
    Annie The one of her yawning ... so breathtaking! I can't wait to get my kids sweetness captured like this. :)!!
    Taylor Horne Are you sure you don't want to go ahead and have a baby? She makes me want to.
    Jenny So cute Abby!! She's adorable!!
  • Sweet Juliet

    June 7, 2011   //   kids portraits


    Amy Moore I absolutely adore these, Abby!